The Camporè Wine company

Female company

Camporè is a company born in 2016 thanks to Maria Pia and Cristina Madaudo, two young entrepreneurs from the world of wine. Quality and ethical productions are at the center of this young and dynamic company, rich in history, attentive to the environment and the consumer. Daughters of art, raised among the rows of the family business, the Madaudo sisters listened to the secrets of their grandfather acquiring experience and expertise in the field. For some years they have decided to put down roots in the Tenuta di San Lorenzo, historic residence of great importance.

The whole Camporè estate is a place of immense charm and has been restored to its former historical glory

A place of charm and fascination

Today the estate is a place which recalls its splendid past. Everything has been rigorously and lovingly restored to its former glory through a detailed conservation project, the aim of which was to create a visual and sensitive rapport with the surrounding landscape through the inseparable bond with nature and its colours, the people and the identity of Etna.

The stone wine press

This antique stone wine press and the building which houses it have recently been lovingly restored to their original state. There is also a display of agricultural tools used at the time, including the actual stone used to crush the grapes. Now this beautiful building is a splendid setting used to host events and wine tastings.

San Lorenzo's Church

This small aristocratic and consecrated family church on the estate, dedicated to St. Lorenzo and St. Maurizio, is a place of great atmosphere. It dates back to the 18th century and contains a bronze bell made in 1740, which was rung to call the farmhands to work in the grape harvest.

A magical environment of earth, water, air and fire makes this landscape a treasure trove of extraordinary biodiversity.

The grape harvest

The San Lorenzo estate of the Camporè vineyard has eight hectares of vines evenly divided for the cultivation of Nerello Mascalese and Carricante grapes. The vines grow in an enchanting landscape, dominated by the imposing presence of the “Muntagna,” as Mount Etna is called locally.